Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Theocracy's at War

Their are two theocracy's at war in America, and the battle is starting to really heat up. The election of Obama, health care, and the media has sparked this battle between the two seperate humanistic theocracies that make up what is the U.S..
You see the bleeding heart liberals who want GOD to disapear from the public debate are rallying behind their prophet, Obama. They had a ton of momentum about 6 months ago, and were getting converts by the millions. This humanistic religeon that the democratic party was preaching was very well recieved. Hope, Change and human rights are three main points of focus for any solid religion. They are however loosing ground, because thier god of big government and social dependence has taken over all the hope crap.
The liberals enemy is the "christian" right. These humanists have hijacked the GOD of the Bible, and use Him as a vehicle to promote their god of self righteousness. They use their doctrine of self reliance, small government and strict constitutionalism, with a dose of "Biblical ideology" to gain converts away from the liberals. Thier prophets are obvious, and more convincing than the lefts.
As you can see we cannot escape this battle for religious superiority that started at the beginning of America. An atempt to fallow the Creators theocracy as found in the Bible was put to practice in the early 1600's. The problem with these theocracy's was their love of themselves, much like we see happening in America today. They were mostly right. They had most of GOD'S laws established, but they put their denomination, "humanism" ahead of their Creator, which in turn has lead to where we are now.
The constitution has created a nationwide theocracy, with a written hierarchy that is so generic that anybody can interpret it however they want, to fit their "spiritual" ideology. That is what make it such an amazing document, it fit's whatever religion, anti-god, pro-god, hate filled, love filled, desire anyone has.
You see, this is our human tendency, that we cannot control, to humanize everything, and anything that we learn. This tendency was inherited by one mans desire to know the diference between perfection, "GODLINESS", and imperfection "humanism". This natural trait belongs to all humans who ever existed, which brings me back to the main point, the culture war in America between the two Theocracy's. No one side will ever win this war, because no one side has perfection on its side.

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