Thursday, September 10, 2009

True Theocracy

As you will find as I blog is that I believe all countries are a theocracy. Think about this. If I told you to show up at a building a couple of times a year and if you didn't you were not filling your responsibility, you would think, Christmas and Easter right.
If you were expected to react a certain way when someone approached you, because that person has a high standing, you would say he was the preacher, the pope, or some other religious leader.
If I told you to fallow these writings and place the words written on these writings higher than any other words, you would think that I was talking about the Bible, or another religious document right?
What if I were going to a place where there were going to be hundreds of people and there was going to be singing. Then someone was going to come and speak, and we would be listening intensely to every word, you might think I was going to church.
What if I gave you a list of rules, and told you that you have to fallow these rules, or ells your not a good person, what would you think of me then?
By now I hope you have realized that I am not speaking about religion, I am referencing voting, approaching a political leader, the constitution, campaign speeches, and congress or Parliament.
Just because we remove the word "god" doesn't mean that it's not just as much a theocracy as the Taliban running around in Afghanistan enforcing sharia law. It's no different from the Catholic church putting the pope, and cardinals in charge of everyone ells, or atheists who want us to never use the word "god", but operate as if they were a "god".
All governments are theocracy's and you can not prove otherwise. It's simple. Your religion is whatever you look to for laws to establish your country's morality. In Iran it's the Koran. In Israel it's the Rabbi's and the Talmud. In Britain, Canada, an most of western Europe it's Royalty. In Russia and China it's communism, and in America it's "We the people".
This truth, that is kept from you, because control is only obtained by a unorganized, uneducated population. As long as Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, or any other form of THEOCRACY are still operating, their will be people to swoop in and take power, and we will never be any better for it.
Which leads me to my conclusion. Since their are many different kinds of Theocracy, and everyone who exists now, or has ever existed, has had to live under some sort of moral code. Then someone is right, whatever theocracy, religion, or cult it is doesn't matter, their all the same. Which one are you going to fallow?
Their are only two places to find morality. Yourself or your Creator. More to come!

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