Thursday, October 15, 2009

Agnostics have better doctrine than most fundamental theologians

As a Christian, or someone who believes the Bible is exact, relevant and true, and that our hope as sinful people can only be found in the blood sacrifice of Jesus, who is God, I find it amazing that in the last couple of months am starting to agree with the Agnostics on Bible doctrine over any "church leader". Not because their right but they have no doctrinal prejudices when studding the scriptures and people who are more interested in what the Bible say's than what their doctrines say should start paying attention, especially if we want to make a dent to bring Biblical doctrines to the forefront when dealing with our government.
Based on the doctrines that most preachers and "christian" authors are promoting today, it is easy for someone to see "theocracy" and start to imagine flying angels, devils and demons, and doomsday end of the world scenario's in the preamble. With the most respected group of people being the one group that outright denies the savior of the other group, while they wait for the "anti-christ" to rule the world.
On all those points in the last paragraph agnostics and atheists are right on and more in tune with the Bible than "church leaders" of today.
I only hope that this could reach one person who is willing to look up both sides of the equations, you see for the very reasons that agnostics disprove "Christianity" is the very reason I know it's true.
Here are the simple tests for both agnostics, atheists and Christians alike. Find one verse in the Bible that talks about a fallen angel from heaven, or demon of darkness called "satan", you won't find it, then look up the word "satan" as it originates in the Hebrew and Greek and you will find that the word, when translated, refers to much more than this mystical demon of darkness. The very same test can be done for the word "devil". This study will forever put an end to the agnostics claim that Biblical Christianity, which by the way is practiced by very few, dose not have such a character in it's pages, disproving any doctrine that concerns a fallen angel demon of darkness that rules the world and will some day be cast to hell, it's not in there if you get through the doctrinal prejudice of the English translators.
This is just scratching the surface but proves a point, I think, that doctrinally driven "christians" and Bible disproving agnostics can, on this very important point, come to an agreement. For the "christian" quit arguing for satan, and for the end times. And for the agnostic, you can no longer use satan to disprove the Bible, if fact, this truth pours out the Bible's validity.